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in thEir livEs还是in thEir liFE什么时候用哪个

in their life,是在他们的生活中 in thrir lives ,是在他们的生命中,看你要表达什么意思啦!!life 是生活得意思,是不可数名词,life当可数名词的时候意思是“生命”所以,lives就是life的复数形式,译为“生命”。

当然是in our lives.因为life是可数名词,前面是our,说明是不止一个人,必需用复数形式。

life 可以表"生活“,是不可数名词,也可表”生命“,是可数名词。这句中就是指“生命”,所以用它的复数“lives". 注意:单看"lives"这个词,既是life(生命)的复数,也是live(居住)的"三单现“形式。

是life(生活)变复数的, fe->ves 如:knife -> knives

原题: “Sorry” is a word that people in Britain often say in their daily life. One day while I was w 1 on the street, a young man ran by hurriedly, brushing(轻擦)against my handbag. He continued his way, but turned b2 and sai...

in our daily life life作生活时不可数生命可数

in our daily lives与in our daily live 都不对,正确的是 in our daily life 意思是“在我们的日常生活中” 分析: life 有两个意思,即“生活和 生命”。 1、作为“生活”时是不可数不可数名词; 如:Thanks to the government ,we have a happy lif...

lives是life的复数形式,命的条数,是可数的,所以是命的意思。 lives还有生活的意思。

life的复数是lives。 解释: life 英[laɪf] 美[laɪf] n. 生活,生计; 生命,性命; 一生,寿命; 人生,尘世; [例句]I have a happy life. 我有一个幸福的生活。 [其他] 复数:lives lives 英[laɪvz] 美[laɪvz] n. 生命; 一生...

Changes in My life(我生活的变化) There have been many changes in my life. With the development of the economy, my life is better off. For clothing, I have spare money to buy all sorts of pretty clothes. But in the past, there...


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